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In terms of NX buys, that's $808.50. To get a medal that gives Lv. 100, STR/DEX/INT/LUK: +7, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +7.

Now let's assume that which many folks will be doing and only carrying the two free entries per day and that quest skyrockets to 1080 days, that Cheap Maplestory Mesos will be nearly three full decades. And keep in mind, Monster Park may only be achieved up to 7 times per day per account which means that you're only likely to realistically claim that the chords on only 1 character, each 539 - 1080 days, assuming you don't miss any days.

Now, let us remember the totally free material that simply takes about 4 hours to complete and you'll be able to begin at level 33: Masteria Through Time. How about setting more realistic goals for this Monster Park quest, at only 7 entries every day. Or double.

Also please correct me if my math is incorrect on how long/much cash it takes to complete the Monster Park quests.Edit: Slight correction. The final reward provides a badge, not a medal, but the Ghost Hunter Badge is still tons better and easier to get. Even the Crystal Ventus Badge is much better compared thanks to the boss accessory set effect.

Since we've got a hint about how people did not know what Reboot was about prior to visiting it, let me clarify here and now:The largest thing by far is that you simply can't trade with other players under some circumstances.

On that note, as you have access to the capability to share Utilization, Etc, and Installation items along with your other personalities in storage, you cannot share Equipment with your other personalities. All equips MUST be got on that character.

On the typical worlds, Spell Traces are used to update equipment, and gamers can present their gear Bonus Potential, essentially another few lines of slightly weaker potential. Various scrolls were also readily available to make achieving certain things, such as +10% chance to get a scroll to work or the ability to preserve the equipment item if the scroll being used were to make it blow up. In Reboot, you have most none of that Maplestory items, just Star Force and Regular Potential.