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There were some instances of violence towards their Asian rival. Chinese fans tried to disturb the South Korean football team by lighting fireworks at around 2am near the best site Kempinski Hotel where the players were staying, reports Oriental Daily.

At the beginning of the match, Chinese supporters erupted in jeers and boos for South Korea's national anthem, reported Apple Daily. The armed police arrived at the stadium prior to the World Cup qualifier against South Korea on Thursday. Both South Korea and China are in Group A in the final Asian qualifying round for the 2018 FIFA World Cup The match was closely watched by authorities for fear that nationalist sentiment over the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude.

Area Defence (THAAD) anti-missile system in South Korea However things seemed to run smoothly as the Chinese national soccer team scored a surprise 1-0 victory over South Korea. It is the third time a Chinese national soccer team has beaten South Korea since 1978, South China Morning Post reported. South Korea's goalkeeper Kwoun Sun-Tae (right, dressed in blue) failed to save the ball for a goal by China's Yu Dabao (not pictured) during the match China players erupted in euphoria after Yu OSRS Gold Dabao scored. China had a surprising 1-0 victory over South Korea at the qualifying round match.

From the beginning of March, there have been various protests against South Korea. A video showing school children vowing that they will not eat South Korean snacks has gone viral.